The Invisible Distinctions™

Elevating consciousness requires more than just becoming aware or having awareness. Awareness is merely the knowledge or perception of a circumstance, condition or fact. Awareness is where consciousness starts, not where it ends; it is the trail head or jumping off point that embarks us on the path towards consciousness.

The Invisible Distinctions™ illuminates and broadens our understanding of consciousness, and it demystifies the factors that cloud our perspective in the circumstances affecting how we experience life.  These modalities are crucial because they inform our choices, our actions, what we are doing, and who we are being. They inform the world we live into, and what ultimately defines us.

Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware. It is the totality and upper level of conscious states of an individual in relation to his surroundings. I would add that it requires the integration and harmony between the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual centers within us.


When critical and relevant Distinctions remain invisible, we diminish if not eliminate choice in a matter.  The absence of choice diminishes our power and is a form of personal imprisonment.

In reality, we possess the power to choose our reactions to how life shows up. We do not choose all of our circumstances, but we can choose how we conduct our Self in every circumstance.

Today, there exists a lack of consciousness and an abundance of miscommunication. These circumstances run rampant in the world and in our communities…in relationships, in politics, in business, in spirituality and most importantly, in our Self.  Once we can identify the aspects and sources that lead to the collapse of consciousness and communication, we can transform our relationship to each and live more powerfully, joyfully, and authentically.

Eric Erenstoft (author) The Invisible Distinctions™, Elevate Your Consciousness

Eric Erenstoft , An Executive, Entrepreneur, Business owner, Strategist, and Visionary for over a quarter century, has harvested profound success both for his own enterprises and for the fortune 500 companies whose ranks of employ he served including the likes of Disney, AOL Time Warner, and Yahoo!

He chairs and leads several business, entrepreneur, young leadership and philanthropic groups designed for professional growth, continued education, to become better networked and to establish themselves as strong leaders out in our communities.

Eric’s broad comprehensive studies and exposure into both Far Eastern and Western studies, philosophy, psychology, and wisdom complimented by his extensive world travel to the Far East, Europe, and Latin America from an early age has gifted him with a broad, unique perspective of the world, of his fellow man, and the human spirit.

He is a life-long, accomplished, competitive athlete having competed all over the world excelling in open-ocean, rough water swimming and surf lifesaving, among several other sports, and is accomplished and trained in Yoga, Aerial Arts, and Martial Arts, Aikido and Tai Chi.

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