Deconstructing Conscious Intelligence Video

Transactional Thinking v. Conscious Intelligence™

The Limitations of Transactional Thinking- The Necessity of CI Transactional Thinking is binary- "Do this...Get that."  "Stimulus/Response"...  It is natural and very commonplace, BUT... When it comes to things like purpose, happiness, service, love, legacy-  transactional thinking becomes problematic.  These are not binary; they are multidimensional.  Conscious IntelligenceTM  is essential for making this distinction. - [...]

The Invisible Distinctions® – The Tools of CI

The Invisible Distinctions® When our perspective is narrowed, so too are our options.  The absence of choice diminishes our power and is a form of personal imprisonment. Elevating consciousness requires more than just becoming aware or having awareness. Awareness is merely the knowledge or perception of a data point, condition or fact.  Making the distinction [...]

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