WAYS I WORK – Keynote | Speaking Engagements | Intra-Organization | Small Group | One On One

WHAT IT IS I DO- I’ve been called a coach, Co-Visionary, select your favorite clergy-type, facilitator, inspirational sounding board, safety net, mirror, and Sensei, teacher. Sensei means: one who has walked the path before you.

WHAT DO WE WORK ON? Clients are triggered to contact me at the very moment stuff gets REAL.
They decide to make a fundamental shift in their life, organization, career, or relationship- whether it is a pivot, an evolution, scaling, or a complete re-boot. This means playing big and they have come to terms and committed themselves to jump in, but want someone at their side hacking away the heavy brush, illuminating the way, having their back, providing perspective.
This can be confronting- I am here to assist in the illumination of the road ahead.

• Business Practices: Entrepreneurs, executives, and practitioners seeking, perspective, guidance, clarity, vision, strategy, and light to transform their businesses and lifestyles.
• Personal / Lifestyle / Relationships / Communication
• Together, we will collaborate to form a customized vision and set objectives. Then we will build a strategy and a determination of what measurable results look like.
• My specialty is in communication, conflict resolution, and constructive candor.
• All stages of the business model: Creation, Start-up, Growth and Scaling, Pivoting, Transition, Turnarounds, Total Transformation, Succession planning, and Exit strategies.
• Marketing, Rebranding, Pitching, Fund Raising, Strategic Partnerships, Integrated Marketing Programs, Joint Ventures, Spin Offs.
• Deep Network: My clients are also beneficiaries of my deep experience from my years in corporate America to social entrepreneurism; For-profit, Non-profit and Impact space, and client relationships and network.
• Consulting: In-Person or Teleconference: Skype, Facetime etc.
• Business Advisory Board Facilitation
• Confidential Peer Advisory Board

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