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WHAT IT IS ERIC DOES- A consultant, coach, Chief Visionary Officer, mission-smith, facilitator, inspirational sounding board… select your favorite clergy-classification, but the one thing that connects all of these titles together is RESULTS.

EXPERIENCE– Eric understands the multitude of relational dynamics in business: within teams at companies, between execs and employees, between product and customer, between company personnel and client, between company and community, and between mission and social responsibility.

Eric has harvested profound success both for his own enterprises and for the fortune 500 companies whose ranks of employ he served including the likes of Disney, AOL Time Warner, Yahoo! From his perch within these companies, he led teams and created strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and multi-million dollar revenue streams with companies like Toyota, Apple, Nestle, Warner Bros. Honda, Target, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Gillette among others. He began his career cutting his teeth in the Advertising, Consumer Products & Fashion industries which had him calling six countries over the next several years, his home.

WHAT YOU WORK ON? Clients engage when they are inspired to leap forward, make a change, or get unstuck.  They need assistance in framing strategies of growth, scale, transformation, and/or next steps to success.  They may be facing succession of leadership changes and the need for modernization to stay up with the speed of technology, the media, and information age, and next generation integration.

They decide to make a fundamental shift in their life, organization, career, or relationship- whether it is a pivot, an evolution, scaling, or a complete re-boot. This means playing bigger and coming to terms with what that actually looks like. They have committed themselves to jump but want someone at their side guiding them, hacking away the heavy brush, shining a bright light to lead the way, and having their back in case they stumble. The work can be confronting- I am here to assist in the illumination of the road ahead.

• Business Practices: Entrepreneurs, executives, and practitioners seeking, perspective, guidance, clarity, vision, strategy, and light to transform their businesses and lifestyles.
• Personal / Lifestyle / Relationships / Communication
• Though collaboration, a customized vision will be formulate,  a set of objectives identified, a strategy built, and measurable results will be outlined.
• Eric also specializes in communication, conflict resolution, and constructive candor.
• All stages of the business model: Creation, Start-up, Growth and Scaling, Pivoting, Transition, Turnarounds, Total Transformation, Succession planning, and Exit strategies.
• Marketing, Rebranding, Pitching, Fund Raising, Strategic Partnerships, Integrated Marketing Programs, Joint Ventures, Spin Offs.
• Deep Network: Eric’s clients are also beneficiaries of his deep experience from years in corporate America to multi-generational wealth management to social entrepreneurism; For-profit, Non-profit and Impact space, and client relationships and network.
• Consulting: In-Person or Teleconference: Skype, Facetime, Zoom.
• Business Advisory Board Facilitation
• Confidential Peer Advisory Board


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Conscious Intelligenceis the attainment of clarity and perspective within our circumstances to bring about optimal results.

Conscious Intelligence TM is a revolutionary approach to illuminated perspective. How we see the world has a lot to do with how we participate in it. Most of us operate on the false notion that our circumstances dictate the path and trajectory of our life. The thing is: We are not our circumstances. Our circumstances are not us—unless we either allow them to be or don’t know any better. His work frames these distinctions into a paradigm—The Conscious Intelligence TM Paradigm.

Eric Erenstoft  has deconstructed Conscious Intelligence TM and organized it into a framework of its elemental components he calls Invisible Distinctions®.   By illuminating these key Invisible Distinctions®, the tools of Conscious Intelligence, we are poised to respond optimally and with grace within our circumstances so that we can produce optimal results.


“We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can control how we conduct ourselves within them.”

When we reach overwhelm, be it from stress, high-pressure or anxiety— When our circumstances become unstable, disrupted, even hijacked— We tend to make hasty decisions rather than informed ones. Ever made a regretful decision?  We react rather than respond because we are in a state of fight/flight trying to survive.  As a result, we are not strategizing, we are just trying not to drown.

Conscious Intelligence TM provides the behavioral insights and tools that let us cultivate a path to the life we endeavor to live into.  Its intention is not to take on the philosophical or literal interpretation of what consciousness is.  It merely serves as a conduit to expand our perspective and as a result, gain the insights to become better poised to respond optimally within the circumstances that befall us in our life.

The Conscious Intelligence TM Paradigm is the navigational instrumentation that guides us to gain mastery over or circumstances out in the world, in life, at work, and at home.  Conscious Intelligence keeps us on a trajectory towards our True North.  You’ve heard of IQ and emotional intelligence, introducing