PRE-ORDER BOOK TODAY!  Conscious Intelligence™ is a 21st Century break-though book that will transform the way we look at the world, our circumstances, and the human circumstance.  

The book introduces Conscious Intelligence™  and deconstructs it into its elemental components, distinctions,  and frames it into an accessible Paradigm.  The components are what Eric Erenstoft terms Invisible Distinctions®.  When Invisible Distinctions® are illuminated and employed, we access the perspective to  gain mastery over our circumstances, resulting in our heightened ability to perform optimally.  This paradigm disrupts the transactional way of thinking most people default to today that can hamper productivity, communication, and the ability to respond-  commonly leading us instead down a toxic path where divisiveness, disharmony, and disempowerment exist.

Conscious Intelligence™  illuminates perspective, frees us from the confines and limitations we place on ourselves or feel we have no choice but to live inside of.

Conscious Intelligence™ illuminates the way we approach business, productivity, relationships, communication and Self.

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Eric’s most elevated purpose and passion is completely poured into this culmination of his life work, academics, and experience — and is expressed in this latest work and platform Conscious Intelligence™ .

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Eric Erenstoft  , is an expert on Conscious Intelligence and a prolific author, futurist, entrepreneur, businessman, GenX’er who has emerged out of this brave new 21st century to disrupt the transactional way of thinking most people default to today when perspective is not properly illuminated.

Eric Erenstoft is publishing his research on Conscious Intelligence and sharing his findings on accessing our conscious intelligence in his new book: Conscious Intelligence

If you are familiar with IQ and EQ, Conscious Intelligence is the next evolution.  By advancing of the universal platform of what it is to be intelligent, and by providing a 21st Century, multi-dimensional guide to what it is to gain Conscious Intelligence, Eric Erenstoft’s work and book is transformational.


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