TRANSFORMATION HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT – Exerpts from Eric Erenstoft ‘s Book ElevateiD

TRANSFORMATION HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT – Exerpts from Eric Erenstoft ‘s Book ElevateiD

innerpHow I Elevated My Consciousness

“The kingdom of ‘heaven’ is spread over the earth and man does not see it”- KJB

The INVISIBLE DISTINCTIONS™ demystifies crucial aspects of where we relinquish our choices and where we relinquish our power to live into our fullest potentiality.

INVISIBLE DISTINCTIONS™ provides a deep understanding of what we do not readily recognize or distinguish as choice in what we say, what we hear, what we think and what we experience. The modalities of communication play a significant role, but communication is a part of, not the entirety of, consciousness.

The Invisible Distinctions™ broadens our perspective affecting how we experience life. These modalities are crucial because they inform our choices, our actions, what we are doing, and who we are being. They inform the world we live into, and what ultimately defines us.

When the distinctions remain invisible, we diminish if not eliminate choice in a matter. The absence of choice diminishes our power and is no different than personal imprisonment.

Simply stated, the lack of consciousness and an abundance of miscommunication runs rampant in the world today…in relationships, in politics, in business, in spirituality and most importantly, in our Self. Once we identify the aspects and sources that lead to the collapse of consciousness and communication, we can transform our relationship to each and live more powerfully, joyfully, and authentically.

– Excerpts from: The Invisible Distinctions TM , a book by Eric Erenstoft

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