Keynote, Panel, Interview, Small Group, Academic Hall, Charitable Events

WHAT IT IS ERIC DOES-  Eric presents the framework and applications of what it is to utilize Conscious Intelligence™ based on his research, personal experiences, storytelling, and what is happening in our lives today in business, communities, media, and the world.

WHAT WILL PEOPLE TAKE AWAY-  It is Eric’s experience that once Conscious Intelligence™ is illuminated and perspectives are elevated, we never look at the world the same way again.  Becoming conscious that our lives are defined by what we pay attention to, and that we are not our circumstances, we begin to discover the vast scope of what this means; we witness how this completely facilitates a paradigm change.  What we take away is a work-life and personal life that deeply connects us to our values, our actions, our legacy, and the the things in our life that are most important to us.

Conscious Intelligence™ facilitates decisions that make fundamental shifts in one’s life, organization, career, or relationship- whether it is a pivot, an evolution, scaling, or a complete re-boot. This means playing bigger, coming to terms with resistance, and committing to breakthrough results by jumping in and engaging.