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Catalytic Leadership
Connecting Your Highest Valued Intentions
With Purpose Driven Action – To Produce Results

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Aligning Your Highest Valued Intentions
With Purpose-Driven Action – To Produce Results

Connecting Your Highest Valued Intentions
To Your Purpose Driven Actions
By Applying The Principles of Conscious Intelligence®

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WHAT WE DO | We Propagate Personal Shifts That Lead To Cultural Shifts In Executive Leadership & Their Teams To Attain Their Highest And Best Expression Of Themselves And Their Organization.

Let’s Get To The Root of It: By identifying friction points, stuck’ness’, resistance, that leaves a conscientious leader disempowered– By identifying behavioral mindsets, methodologies, demeanors that erode a culture and work environment, we liberate the organization and it’s principals from obsolescent, timeworn regimens that can slow progress, decrease morale, and result in a decline of Productivity, Collaboration, and Leadership Empowerment.

We Mean Business: We introduce timely, leading edge, catalytic skills that Fuel Peak Performance. We instill the critical principles of accountability, advanced communication, Positivity, and Innovation compulsory for running a state-of-the-art organization today.  Further, we facilitate diversity, equality, and inclusion DEI, and our guidance produces results in aligning an organization and its leaders to be more synergistic, to think more entrepreneurially, to be more harmonious, and to gain (P)erspective. These catalytic skills are key to be a leading, transformational- Purpose-driven / People-driven/ Performance-driven Organization.


  • Business Success Begins With Personal Success:  You are a stakeholder and you are the luminary of your organization.  When you are clear, confident, and focused on your “Why”, your organization will be.
  • Business & Organizational Practices:  We guide Conscious Leaders seeking perspective, guidance, clarity, vision, and strategy to identify and eradicate conflict, stuckness, and friction points. The result is an enhancement in communication and a shift to a flow culture that transforms and evolves the organization and lifestyle.
  • Collaboration:  Your collective vision is meant to be purpose-driven, people-driven, performance- driven AND shared by all!  We will review and formulate it; a set of objectives will be identified and established, a strategy will be built, and measurable results attained.
  • Constructive Candor:  The core of every organization and its luminary leaders is communication.  This includes strengthening the willingness to have open, candid communication and sacred space for creative, disruptive, and innovative ideas. Establishing a space where openness, curiosity, and respect prevails, facilitates a sacred space ripe for conflict resolution.
  • All Stages of the Organization: Creation, Start-up, Growth & Scaling, Pivoting, Mergers, Transition, Role Shifts, Turnarounds, Succession planning, and Exit strategies.
  • Vision & Inspired Message:  Marketing, Rebranding, Pitching, Fund Raising, Strategic Partnerships, Integrated Marketing Programs, Joint Ventures, Spin Offs.
  • Network & Resources:  Eric’s clients are also beneficiaries of his deep experience from years in corporate America and Disney, Real Estate and Financial Services, multi-generational wealth management & social entrepreneurism; For-profit, Non-profit and Impact space, client relationships and networking.
  • Consults: In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid


When it is time to make a fundamental shift in your organization, enterprise, career, relationship, or within yourself– whether it is a pivot, an evolution, scaling, or a complete re-boot. This means playing bigger and coming to terms with what that actually looks like. It provides for making the leap forward with the right partner at your side guiding, clearing the path, and shining a bright light to lead the way, and having your back. Prepare to stumble at times; Eric will make certain you fall forward, regain footing, and progress to fulfill your greatest potential.

Eric Erenstoft is an accomplished executive coach, consultant, and facilitator who is concurrently also an active and accomplished Chief Executive . He is a Best-Selling Author and Creator of The Conscious Intelligence® platform. By applying the principles of Catalytic Leadership to Organizations and their Leaders, his guidance and (P)erspective illuminates ALL business sectors from Finance to Technology, Law firms to Healthcare, Distribution and Manufacturing, Women owned businesses, Entrepreneurs to Solo-Preneurs. For over 30 years, Eric has been guiding clients to optimize their “human resource” through core competency identification and development, by teaching positivity and catalytic skills, and by applying conscious candor, advanced communication, and transformational leadership. He is the CEO of two companies, E3 Capital Partners and ElevateID.org. He is a former First Responder Paramedic with LA County and Laguna Beach Fire Depts, a former Walt Disney Executive, has worked and lived in 6 different countries, is a decorated competitive international open-water ocean swimmer, Yoga Instructor and currently training for Shodan in the martial art : Aikido. He is a world traveler, scholar & adventurer.

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