Aligning You With Your Why
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Aligning Success With Your Why.
Guiding You To Clarity In What Comes Next
Removing Impediments, Fear, Resistance,
To Create An Inspiring, Rewarding, Successful Life Worth Living Into

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Guiding A Path To Clarity, Focus, & Results,

Removing Impediments, Fear, & Resistance,

Inspiring A Rewarding Life Of Success Worth Living Into

Removing Impediments, Fear, Resistance,
To Create A Rewarding Life Worth Living Into

WHAT WE DO | A dream without strategy and a plan of action– is a Fantasy. Welcome to your NEW real life. We propagate seismic shifts that align your purpose-driven vision with your highest and best expression of yourself so that your life produces success, joy and abundance. We transform your daily life into a focused, esteemed, and value-driven lifestyle that shifts what is possible and makes you unstoppable.

  • Personal Success:  When you are clear, confident, and focused on your “Why” and True North, your life will follow suit.
    Entrepreneur / Practitioner:   Gaining perspective, guidance, clarity, vision, strategy- you get to identify and eradicate friction points, enhance communication, and propagate flow into your life, so that you can transform your lifestyle and priorities, and become aligned with the life you wish to live into .
  • Collaboration:  When you make seismic shifts in your life and lifestyle, the world shows up differently– When you are focused and purposeful, you become a catalytic leader and people gravitate to you, they want to be a part of what you are creating, and what you are creating is abundance.
  • Constructive Candor:  The superpower of a luminary is clear, intentional, transparent communication.  This includes strengthening the willingness to have open, candid communication and sacred space for deep connection. Think about it: The experience of being alive happens when sacred space to be honest, true, even vulnerable is created between you and others, it begins with you and Me / it begins with YOU. For you and those you share your space with, it is powerful to find and amplify curiosity, creativity, and disruptive ideas as well as safety when conflict requires resolution.
  • All stages of your transformation: Personal & Professional Growth, Next Level, Pivots, Transitions, Seismic Changes ALL present as their own unique processes– we work and move through these processes to actualize the life you are meant to live into.
  • Vision & Inspiration:  We align your values and intentions with action and accountability.
  • Meeting Sessions / Consults: In-Person or Virtual

THE WORK:Performing optimally takes many shapes: It requires Purpose-driven shifts, focusing on what you truly value, releasing the drag and friction in your work-life, shifting your perception about fear, and getting clear and intentional about your “Why”. Mission critical is about Execution. What results is the abundance and joy that comes from your achievement and successes.

Eric Erenstoft is an accomplished executive coach, consultant, and facilitator who is concurrently also an active and accomplished Chief Executive . He is a Best-Selling Author and Creator of The Conscious Intelligence® platform. By applying the principles of Catalytic Leadership to Organizations and their Leaders, his guidance and (P)erspective illuminates ALL business sectors from Finance to Technology, Law firms to Healthcare, Distribution and Manufacturing, Women owned businesses, Entrepreneurs to Solo-Preneurs. For over 30 years, Eric has been guiding clients to optimize their “human resource” through core competency identification and development, by teaching positivity and catalytic skills, and by applying conscious candor, advanced communication, and transformational leadership. He is the CEO of two companies, E3 Capital Partners and He is a former First Responder Paramedic with LA County and Laguna Beach Fire Depts, a former Walt Disney Executive, has worked and lived in 6 different countries, is a decorated competitive international open-water ocean swimmer, Yoga Instructor and currently training for Shodan in the martial art : Aikido. He is a world traveler, scholar & adventurer.

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