COACHING –YOU Are a Luminary!

Let’s Get You Focused

By Connecting Your Highest Valued Intentions To Your Purpose Driven Actions


By Removing Friction, Fear, & Outside Distraction

WHAT DO YOU GET  when you combine a lifelong athlete with a former Disney corporate exec, entrepreneur, 1st Responder, Martial and Yogic Artist, deeply empathetic consultant, and expert in world behavioral studies, and in Conscious Intelligence®?


WHAT IT IS ERIC ERENSTOFT DOES- As a Performance Coach and Consultant, Chief Visionary Officer, mission-smith, facilitator, inspirational sounding board… select your favorite clergy classification– the one thing that connects all of these titles together is guiding conscientious leaders towards their True North by instilling the principles, strategies, and guidance to align your vision with your purpose-driven, people-driven, performance-driven organization (and your life).



  • Personal Success:  When you are clear, confident, and focused on your “Why” and True North, your life will follow suit.
  • Entrepreneur / Practitioner:   Gaining perspective, guidance, clarity, vision, strategy- you get to identify and eradicate friction points, enhance communication, and propagate flow into your life, so that you can transform your lifestyle and priorities, and become aligned with the life you wish to live into .
  • Collaboration:  Your collective vision is meant to be purpose-driven, people-driven, performance- driven AND SHARED!
  • Constructive Candor:  The superpower of a luminary is clear, intentional, transparent communication.  This includes strengthening the willingness to have open, candid communication and sacred space for deep connection.  For you and those you share your space with, it is powerful to find and amplify curiosity, creativity,  and disruptive ideas as well as safety in the process of conflict resolution.
  • All stages of your transformation: Personal & Professional Growth, Taking It To The Next Level, Pivoting, Life event, Transition, Sharing Your Gifts With The World!
  • Vision & Inspiration:  Align your values and intentions with action and accountability.
  • Consults: In-Person or Virtual

THE WORK: Performing optimally takes many shapes: Purpose-driven shifts, focusing on what you truly value, releasing the lag and friction in your work-life, shifting your perception about fear,  getting clear on your “Why”, and executing / getting it done!

ERIC ERENSTOFT has harvested profound success both for his own enterprises and for the fortune 500 companies whose ranks of employ he served including the likes of Disney, Time Warner, and Yahoo! From his perch within these companies, he led teams and created strategic partnerships, designed and executed joint ventures, and multi-million dollar revenue streams with companies like Toyota, Apple, Nestle, Warner Bros. Honda, Target, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Gillette among others. He began his career cutting his teeth in the Advertising, Consumer Products & Fashion industries which had him calling six countries over the next several years, his home.

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