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Eric Erenstoft , a Business Executive, Strategic Consultant, and Entrepreneur, has worked in and called six different countries home.  He is a Futurist, Visionary, Competitive open-water Swimmer, LA County Fire Department Ocean Rescue First Responder, and GenX’er.  He is a prolific Author, Keynote Speaker and expert on Conscious Intelligence ®.

Eric Erenstoft harvests profound success both for his own enterprises and for the fortune 100 companies whose ranks of employ he served including the likes of The The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, and Yahoo! From his perch within these companies, he created strategic partnerships, integrated marketing alliances, and multi-million dollar joint sponsorship ventures with scores of companies like Toyota, Apple, Nestle, Warner Bros. Honda, Lexus, Target, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Miller, Gillette, Levi Strauss, among many others. Spanning even further back, during college and after, he began his career cutting his teeth in the Advertising, consumer products and Fashion industry.

Eric Erenstoft  , is an expert on Conscious Intelligence® and a prolific author, futurist, entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, who has emerged out of this brave new 21st century to disrupt the transactional way of thinking most people default to today when perspective over our circumstances is not properly illuminated.

Conscious Intelligence® is a revolutionary approach to illuminated perspective. How we see the world has a lot to do with how we participate in it.  Employing the tools of Conscious Intelligence® poises us to attain clarity and perspective within our circumstances to bring about optimal results—to respond optimally rather than react hastily.

Most of us operate on the false notion that our circumstances dictate the path and trajectory of our life.  The thing is: We are not our circumstances.  Our circumstances are not us—unless we either allow them to be or are unaware we have choice in the matter.

When we reach overwhelm, be it from stress, high-pressure or anxiety, due to the circumstances becoming unstable, disrupted, even hijacked—we tend to make hasty decisions rather than informed ones. We react rather than respond because we are in a state of fight/flight trying to survive.  As a result, we are not strategizing, we are just trying not to drown.

“We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can control how we conduct ourselves within them.”

Conscious Intelligence® is the attainment of clarity and perspective within our circumstances to bring about optimal results.

Eric Erenstoft has deconstructed Conscious Intelligence® and organized it into a framework of its elemental components he calls Invisible Distinctions®.   His work frames these distinctions into a paradigm, The Conscious Intelligence® paradigm.


Optimal Results:  CI guides us to attain clarity and perspective within our circumstances to bring about optimal results and to avoid making bad decisions we will most certainly end up regretting.