“You are more than a beacon of light illuminating my path . . . more than a sherpa to guide on my path . . . And I have worked with great people before.  You are unique.  And for this I am grateful.  I cannot tell you how many coaches and really great personal development people have offered to work with me, and how very few modalities I have not experienced, offerings in both extremes that did not resonate.

Yet, your approach is more illuminating to me, more resonant for me.  So, in addressing the fear I had in stepping into working with you . . . You are one of my purest gifts yet.  I cannot imagine walking this path with anyone else and there is no one else I felt I could trust.”

Natalie      – Marketing & Sales for a Fortune 500 Company


“Eric-  Your website and book are absolutely amazing! The depth of your experiences, purpose in life and willingness to give back are beyond belief. I really mean that. I read the book excerpt “a letter to my daughter” and am going to pre-order your book.

I am a huge believer in elevating your consciousness and have recently purchased “Consciousness Engineering” from Mindvalley Academy. My business coaching program, Strategic Coach, has connected me with amazing people because of you.

It’s very exciting to see the work that you are doing and I am genuinely so glad we met. I am able to brainstorm with brilliant people about business and I am going to bring information about you.”

Best regards, Kathleen


“Eric gave me the clear and concise strategic advice on brand positioning that I have been seeking for over a year. The way he had perspective to break down what I was trying to convey was fantastic and set us up for a whole new level of pitch that will save much time and effort.  Thanks Eric, I am excited to keep going and learning more!”

Taylor CEO-


“Eric, I cannot even explain how powerful I have always known your words to be. You are truly a gifted and blessed man. God certainly knew what he was doing when he created you! Thank you so much for your caring and help. I sincerely couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather turn to.  Thank you for being such a blessing! I appreciate you more than you know.”

Allison, VP Technology –