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KEYNOTE SPEAKER | Whether Keynote, Moderator, Townhall, Fireside, or Lecture Hall: Eric applies the principles of Conscious Intelligence® to Catalytic Leadership, Peak Performance, High-pressure situations, Resilience, Inclusivity, Entrepreneurism, Positivity, and Building Collaborative and Conscientious Work-Life Culture.


ERIC ERENSTOFT | STORYTELLER |  Eric takes the audience on an experiential journey using real-life, evocative event lessons he learned on his profound, adventurous, and treacherous journeys in life.  By applying the Principles of Conscious Intelligence and Radical Unlearning, he applies his accessible lessons from his trials, tribulations, and victories to the characteristics of Conscientious Leadership, the success habits of luminaries, and the journey that all follow when seeking their True North.  We all have “ahh hahh” moments from time to time, like capturing lightning in a bottle– imagine having countless moments like these in the course of a talk, as viewed through the new perspective of your life;  the impediments, hurdles, and brick walls in your life topple as fresh, new possibilities present themselves not considered before.  Eric Erenstoft presents the principle framework and applications based on his research and expertise in the field of  Conscious Intelligence® illustrating how we can live purpose-driven, performance-driven, connection-driven lives today, in our business, community, family, tribe, social hive, and within ourselves.


  • Positivity – the key to cultivate happiness- distinctions in what happiness is -and how to attain it
  • Peak Performance:  Success strategies, Productivity, principles, key tools, and execution
  • Resilience & Empowerment:  Prevailing and success paths in overcoming hardship, challenges, setbacks, and the stress that comes with it.
  • Radical UNLearning – It’s not just about placing your foot on the accelerator and throwing fuel on the fire…
  • Negotiating High Stress & Anxiety in today’s work-life environments
  • Conscientious Leadership: Applying the success principles of Conscious Intelligence® in everyday life, work, home, life, and within ourselves.
  • Culture, Diversity:  Identifying implicit bias, cultivating empathy, addressing ignorance and cultivating unity
  • Communication, The Key To Cohesive Organizational Culture:  Constructive candor and  conflict resolution
  • Powerful Women In Business: Presenting the results of Eric Erenstoft’s study on The Success Strategies of Leading, Women-led Companies. Empowering women and optimizing the strength, brilliance, grit, emotional (EI), and Conscious intelligence® that women bring to the top chair.
  • Entrepreneurism: Thinking different, being disruptive, wearing multiple hats, and often being a maverick- something Eric Erenstoft is only too familiar with.
  • Get Inclusive: The Power, Profit, and Gift of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI) in todays dynamic, multi-generational, multi-cultural, diverse environment.


  • Homelessness, Hunger today
  • Rate of The Union- The Real Estate Eco-system & The Economy
  • The Social Impact of Social Responsibility
  • The Morality of Clear Communication
  • Personal Sovereignty: Boundaries versus Walls
  • The Call to Serve: Selflessness versus Self-Serving
  • Loving What You Do and Choosing It Powerfully
  • The Politics of Narcissism: The Misconception of Self-Love
  • Misinformation in the Age of Firehose Media
  • Doing Well While Doing Good
  • What Is Your Everest?  How Following Your Bliss Starts With Conscious Intelligence™
  • Drowning in Information yet Starving for Knowledge


Like a bell that cannot be un-rung, it is Eric Erenstoft ‘s experience that once the principles of Conscious Intelligence® are illuminated and perspectives are expanded, we never look at the world the same way again.  Becoming conscious that our lives are defined by what we pay attention to, that they are not defined by our circumstances, we begin to discover the vast scope of what is possible; we witness a paradigm shift and a transformation as our life re-aligns to our True North.  What we take away is a deeply connected work-life and personal life linked to our values, our actions, our legacy, and the the valuable elements in our life that are most important to us.

Conscious Intelligence® facilitates decisions that are necessary to create fundamental shifts in one’s life, organization, career, or relationship– whether it is a pivot, an evolution, scaling, or a complete re-boot. This means playing bigger, coming to terms with resistance, and committing to breakthrough thinking and transformational results by jumping in and engaging.

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Eric Erenstoft is an accomplished executive coach, consultant, and facilitator who is concurrently also an active and accomplished Chief Executive . He is a Best-Selling Author and Creator of The Conscious Intelligence® platform. By applying the principles of Catalytic Leadership to Organizations and their Leaders, his guidance and (P)erspective illuminates ALL business sectors from Finance to Technology, Law firms to Healthcare, Distribution and Manufacturing, Women owned businesses, Entrepreneurs to Solo-Preneurs. For over 30 years, Eric has been guiding clients to optimize their “human resource” through core competency identification and development, by teaching positivity and catalytic skills, and by applying conscious candor, advanced communication, and transformational leadership. He is the CEO of two companies, E3 Capital Partners and He is a former First Responder Paramedic with LA County and Laguna Beach Fire Depts, a former Walt Disney Executive, has worked and lived in 6 different countries, is a decorated competitive international open-water ocean swimmer, Yoga Instructor and currently training for Shodan in the martial art : Aikido. He is a world traveler, scholar & adventurer.

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