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WHAT IT IS I DO-  I present the framework and applications of what it is to access Conscious Intelligence through research, stories, personal experiences, and  what is happening today in our lives, communities, media, and world.

WHAT WILL PEOPLE TAKE AWAY-  It is my experience that once the light is illuminated in what it is to access Conscious Intelligence, we never look at the world the same way again.  Illuminating perspective, gaining an understanding that we are not our circumstances, discovering how vast scope of what this means, and witnessing how this completely facilitates a paradigm change,  is a powerful experience.

It can facilitate a decision to make a fundamental shift in one’s life, organization, career, or relationship- whether it is a pivot, an evolution, scaling, or a complete re-boot. This means playing big, coming to terms, and committing to jump in.

• Business Practices: Entrepreneurs, executives, and practitioners seeking, perspective, guidance, clarity, vision, strategy, and light to transform their businesses and lifestyles.
• Personal / Lifestyle / Relationships / Communication
• Communication, conflict resolution, and constructive candor.
• All stages of the business model: Creation, Start-up, Growth and Scaling, Pivoting, Transition, Turnarounds, Total Transformation, Succession planning, and Exit strategies.
• Marketing, Rebranding, Strategy
• Non-profit and Social Impact

Invite Eric Erenstoft to come speak

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