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Guiding High Achievers, Catalytic Leaders, & Business Owners To Fulfill Their Highest And Best Expression Of Themselves And Their Organizations.

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Guiding Catalytic Leaders To Fulfill Their Highest & Best Expression Of Themselves & Their Organizations

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AS A STRATEGIC GROWTH ADVISORY | we design and implement strategies around PEOPLE to fit your objective in all phases and environments.

Pain Points: By identifying and resolving conflict, stuck-ness, friction points, and blind spots, we clear the impediments and facilitate a path to clarity for leaders to drive peak performance. C A V U – Ceiling & Visibility Unlimited (US Navy Acronym)

Catalytic Leadership is all about PEOPLE. It is about empowering your team, your family- those who surround you; It is about communicating clear objectives, positivity in the workplace, impeccable service, executing result-oriented strategies, and promoting a Purpose-driven | People-driven | Performance-driven Organization.

High achievers, be it in large organizations or small and medium-sized enterprises, are driven by a hunger to absorb knowledge, skills and techniques to grow, expand and strive for excellence. Our programming is designed to take high achievers and make them even better…with our signature platform –Fueled by: Conscious Intelligence® and Radical Unlearning®.


  • Finance & Wealth Management
  • Technology
  • Law Firms
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Distribution & Manufacturing
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Women Owned Businesses
  • Boards –For Profit & NonProfit
  • Entrepreneurs & Solo-preneurs
  • Athletics, Mindfulness, Work-Life

Eric Erenstoft is an accomplished executive coach, consultant, and facilitator who is concurrently also an active and accomplished Chief Executive . He is a Best-Selling Author and Creator of The Conscious Intelligence® platform. By applying the principles of Catalytic Leadership to Organizations and their Leaders, his guidance and (P)erspective illuminates ALL business sectors from Finance to Technology, Law firms to Healthcare, Distribution and Manufacturing, Women owned businesses, Entrepreneurs to Solo-Preneurs. For over 30 years, Eric has been guiding clients to optimize their “human resource” through core competency identification and development, by teaching positivity and catalytic skills, and by applying conscious candor, advanced communication, and transformational leadership. He is the CEO of two companies, E3 Capital Partners and He is a former First Responder Paramedic with LA County and Laguna Beach Fire Depts, a former Walt Disney Executive, has worked and lived in 6 different countries, is a decorated competitive international open-water ocean swimmer, Yoga Instructor and currently training for Shodan in the martial art : Aikido. He is a world traveler, scholar & adventurer.

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