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Conscious Intelligence™




Conscious IntelligenceTM is the attainment of clarity and perspective within our circumstances to bring about optimal results.

Conscious Intelligence TM is a revolutionary approach to illuminated perspective. How we see the world has a lot to do with how we participate in it. Most of us operate on the false notion that our circumstances dictate the path and trajectory of our life. The thing is: We are not our circumstances. Our circumstances are not us—unless we either allow them to be or don’t know any better. His work frames these distinctions into a paradigm—The Conscious Intelligence TM Paradigm.

Eric Erenstoft  has deconstructed Conscious Intelligence TM and organized it into a framework of its elemental components he calls Invisible Distinctions®.   By illuminating these key Invisible Distinctions®, the tools of Conscious Intelligence, we are poised to respond optimally and with grace within our circumstances so that we can produce optimal results.


“We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can control how we conduct ourselves within them.”

When we reach overwhelm, be it from stress, high-pressure or anxiety— When our circumstances become unstable, disrupted, even hijacked— We tend to make hasty decisions rather than informed ones. Ever made a regretful decision?  We react rather than respond because we are in a state of fight/flight trying to survive.  As a result, we are not strategizing, we are just trying not to drown.

Conscious Intelligence TM provides the behavioral insights and tools that let us cultivate a path to the life we endeavor to live into.  Its intention is not to take on the philosophical or literal interpretation of what consciousness is.  It merely serves as a conduit to expand our perspective and as a result, gain the insights to become better poised to respond optimally within the circumstances that befall us in our life.

The Conscious Intelligence TM Paradigm is the navigational instrumentation that guides us to gain mastery over or circumstances out in the world, in life, at work, and at home.  Conscious Intelligence keeps us on a trajectory towards our True North.  You’ve heard of IQ and emotional intelligence, introducing


Eric Erenstoft is publishing (Disrupt TSQ Media) the next evolution of his research and life work, sharing his findings and personal experiences in his new book Conscious Intelligence™ Master Your Circumstances, Master Your Life.

Our circumstances are not only the situation around us, they are the situation in us.  They are also the situations that got us here, and they are key to getting us where we want to go.

One major distinction that emanates from Conscious Intelligence is that: We are not our circumstances.  We are not defined by our circumstances.  Our circumstances are not us.  As one gains deeper perspective on what it is to  actually gain mastery over our circumstances, we can begin to see the true power and impact accessing Conscious Intelligence can provide.

Conscious Intelligenceinforms and drives our conduct, how we observe, listen, process, engage, act, speak—essentially, how we respond in our circumstances. Conscious Intelligence™   guides us to respond optimally.

Eric Erenstoft has deconstructed Conscious Intelligence™  and organized it into a framework of its elemental components he calls Invisible Distinctions®  The work frames these distinctions into a paradigm, The Conscious Intelligence paradigm, which illuminates our navigational path to access Conscious Intelligence.  By illuminating these key Invisible Distinctions®, we become conscious of them, gain perspective, and are poised to act with grace within our circumstances so that we can produce optimal results.

Conscious Intelligence™ provides a means to illuminate perspectives surrounding the nature, causation, and dynamics of our circumstances- From the biggest decisions of our lives to the seemingly inconsequential.

Conscious Intelligence™ is a means to attaining  skills, techniques, tactical insights, and approaches that make our trek to elevated consciousness more efficient and adroit.  It is not a short cut, nor does a journey of this type seek for one when approached from an elevated perspective. It is a lifetime of cultivation.

There exists a distinction between prescription and illumination, just as there exists a distinction between giving someone a map with instructions versus equipping them with a powerful light to illuminate their path.  As time-saving as a map might seem and on occasion can sometimes be, a deeper and lasting understanding comes from inspiring discovery. Illumination expands perspective while prescription narrows it.

The only enduring way to shift consciousness is to choose powerfully for ourselves rather than be told what to do by someone else.

Conscious Intelligence™ is a catalyst-  It acknowledges the distinction between taking the path less traveled versus hitching a ride– between making a path more efficient versus cutting corners.

Elevating consciousness and cultivating Conscious Intelligence™  is a habit, a lifestyle, a platform on which we build on and live through.  It is all about cultivation. It isn’t a ‘how to..”, one-time, one-and-done kind of thing.

This is your trek and your summit.  Conscious Intelligence™ provides a very powerful headlamp.  In framing Conscious Intelligence™ , Eric Erenstoft set out to illuminate a pathway to how we can experience the world with greater clarity, perspective, and, yes, consciousness. This Paradigm, (derived from the Genome of Elevated Consciousness, Eric Erenstoft ‘s research, thesis, and body of work), facilitates opening the key channels of communication between one and other and with ourselves. It helps us navigate the world with clearer connection, so that we can approach business, productivity, relationships, communication, and ourselves much more powerfully and purposefully.

The underlying framework of the Conscious Intelligence™ platform consists of an organized and structured set of elemental distinctions, called Invisible Distinctions® , designed to illuminate perspective, gain mastery over our circumstances, reign in powerful results and perform at our highest potentiality .  Conscious Intelligence provides the behavioral insights and tools that let us cultivate a path to the life we endeavor to live into.  Its intention is not to take on the philosophical or literal interpretation of what consciousness is.  Conscious Intelligence merely serves as a conduit to expand our perspective. As a result of the insights that we gain, we become better poised to respond optimally within our circumstances.

Conscious Intelligence illuminates rather than prescribes.  Our path is ours to discover, explore, choose, and navigate.  Conscious Intelligence is merely a brilliant torch that illuminates the Way.


Eric Erenstoft , a Business Executive, Strategic Consultant, and Entrepreneur, has worked in and called six different countries home.  He is a Futurist, Visionary, Competitive open-water Swimmer, LA County Fire Department Ocean Rescue First Responder, and GenX’er.  He is a prolific Author, Keynote Speaker and expert on Conscious Intelligence TM.

Eric Erenstoft harvests profound success both for his own enterprises and for the fortune 100 companies whose ranks of employ he served including the likes of The The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, and Yahoo! From his perch within these companies, he created strategic partnerships, integrated marketing alliances, and multi-million dollar joint sponsorship ventures with scores of companies like ToyotaAppleNestleWarner Bros. HondaLexusTargetCoca ColaBudweiserMillerGillette, Levi Strauss, among many others. Spanning even further back, during college and after, he began his career cutting his teeth in the Advertising, consumer products and Fashion industry.

Eric Erenstoft  , is an expert on Conscious Intelligence and a prolific author, futurist, entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, who has emerged out of this brave new 21st century to disrupt the transactional way of thinking most people default to today when perspective over our circumstances is not properly illuminated.

Eric Erenstoft ‘s next evolution of his research and life work in Conscious Intelligence, shares his findings and personal experiences in an accessible, progressive, comprehensible way~

In addition to being a businessman, entrepreneur and author, Eric Erenstoft chairs and leads several business, entrepreneur, young leadership and philanthropic groups designed for professional growth, continued education, to become better networked and to establish themselves as strong leaders out in our communities.

Eric’s broad comprehensive studies and exposure into both Far Eastern and Western studies, philosophy, psychology, and wisdom complimented by his extensive world travel to the Far East, Europe, and Latin America from an early age has gifted him with a broad, unique perspective of the world, of his fellow man, and the human spirit.

He has facilitated the successes of countless business professionals who have collaborated with him. He has provided support, council and guidance to many enduring the most challenging, traumatic, and darkest times a human being can endure- something he himself personally endured as a youth on through his teens, left to his own devices to invent ways to survive and prevail.
This has inspired his commitment to his continued investment of time, energy, and resources in the service of human dignity, social justice, social responsibility, adversity, and elevating the human race. As well, he has guided professionals on a trajectory of success, balance and fulfillment.

Public Service experience spans his work with The Los Angeles County Fire Department First Responder and member of The Ocean Rescue Response Team, Training and coaching and member of United States Masters Swimming. His charitable work spans internationally reaching philanthropic initiatives including chair positions that develop our next generation of young leaders, to contributing money time, fundraising, and developing resources aligned to serve the vulnerable, child advocacy and eradicating hunger and homelessness for UCLA Mattel, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation, The UJF, Jewish Federation, Boys & Girls Clubs, Challenged Athletes, to name a few.

He has traveled worldwide , is a life-long competitive athlete and has competed internationally excelling in open-ocean, rough water swimming and surf lifesaving, He is an accomplished yoga practitioner, aerial artist, martial artist in Aikido, Tai Chi, Krav Maga, and basically, like a moth to a flame, attracted to anything involving exploration and adventure.

He is a 20+yr member of the Screen Actors Guild, has performed professionally in front of the camera for every type of media spanning magazine, commercial, billboards, TV, film; he loves music, has several musician friends, and can often be found at live music performances.
Other hobbies: He is a chef, is an avid food and wine enthusiast, graphic artist and photographer, and dabbles in music and film production.

But even if you take all of the above description in, it still doesn’t illustrate fully Eric’s deep level of connection to people, his recognition of one’s humanity, and his ability to hear one’s inner voice.