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REVIEW #1  5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

Most people are familiar with the term Emotional Intelligence but very little is known about Conscious Intelligence. Throughout this informative guide, Conscious Intelligence by Eric Erenstoft, the many facets of Conscious Intelligence are peeled away and discussed. Are you surviving life or thriving? Do you face challenges with optimism or fear? By understanding that we are not defined by our circumstances and building the knowledge to view the world with clarity, you will be able to set a clear strategy to live by. Everyone has their own life journey to travel and life experiences to draw upon. It is these experiences that shape most people’s perceptions and beliefs, and influence the decisions they make. The Conscious Intelligence Paradigm will give you the techniques and skills to make that life journey more enjoyable and gain maximum results in every area of your life.

Conscious Intelligence by Eric Erenstoft is definitely a revolutionary guide in the genre of self-improvement. The layers of every aspect of the conscious and unconscious are peeled away and thoroughly explained in terms that are so compelling and interesting. This guide packs a powerful punch when you can clearly see that the obstacles in life are, in fact, of your own making. It is so refreshing to realize that you have the choice either to remove them or remain within a self-made prison. I loved the pearls of wisdom from some of the finest minds in history, as well as the personal stories from the author, as they added yet another layer of interest to the book. You have to read this book with an open mind and be prepared to be totally honest with yourself to gain the maximum benefit. There are so many areas of this book that I found really engaging – from the explanation into Transactional Thinking and the powerful section on Invisible Distinctions to mistaking selfishness for self-preservation and the difference between guilt and shame. The insights into internal dialogue and how we self-sabotage ourselves was one of the most powerful I have ever read. If you want to understand your life purpose and how you are allowing the past to predict your future, then this is a must-read. By the time you have read this guide, you will have the knowledge to unchain yourself and push back all the boundaries that have been limiting you.

REVIEW #2   5 Stars  (Reader’s Favorite)

Conscious Intelligence: Master your Circumstances, Master Your Life by Eric Erenstoft is a self-help and motivational guide to help readers achieve success in all aspects of life. To achieve this, Erenstoft provides three distinct sections and nineteen chapters that build on the elevation of consciousness in theory, in practice, and in life. Once the premise of conscious intelligence is established, the book moves on to distinction and all its forms, the power of words and communication, the chains and prisons we lock ourselves into, all the way through to benevolence, the exchange of energy and resources, and change. Throughout, Erenstoft gives relatable, real-life examples of the positive impact of Conscious Intelligence and the detriment of ignoring it.

This is an incredibly detailed and well-written book, and Eric Erenstoft does an exceptionally good job of breaking down a seemingly overwhelming concept in a comfortable narrative. So much so, that it felt a bit like I had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment in virtually every chapter. My favorite part of the book related to Universal Accountability, and Universal Justice in particular. This is partly because I was born in Islamabad and can identify through personal experience the correlation made with Malala’s story, but also because the toxicity of revenge is well known and its application truly does only promote further destruction. I found myself reading the section on Adapting versus Accepting to my wife, a standout line being: “When adaptation is used to ignore an injurious malady, we become complicit in avoiding the hard work necessary for proper recovery.” Conscious Intelligence is a sound, relevant, and enlightening work that will likely resonate with all readers on many fronts.

REVIEW #3    5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

Are you looking for a new way to see your life and the world around you? Have you tried countless self-help programs and books, just to find that there’s a piece missing that you can’t quite figure out? Are you desperate for a new approach to life? Look no further than Conscious Intelligence: Master Your Circumstances Master Your Life by Eric Erenstoft. This book not only tells you about a new way of thinking, but gives you specific advice on how to deal with areas that people typically struggle with, such as communication, freedom, personal power, productivity, love, leadership, service, justice, change, happiness, grief, disappointment, and purpose. Erenstoft doesn’t just tell you to think differently; he shows you how to approach your thinking patterns over the circumstances and situations you face to find a higher perspective that will give insights to higher truth and peace in life.

One thing that impressed me about Conscious Intelligence is that it acknowledges that we have no control over our circumstances, and the only way to change life is to change our approach to the circumstances we find ourselves in. So many of the “law of attraction” and “positive thinking” books on the market lead readers to believe that changing their thoughts can change their circumstances, but this simply isn’t true. Eric Erenstoft is very honest in his exploration of life, circumstances, and our thinking patterns and gives not only science-based facts but specific examples that show how taking an elevated perspective on life can lead to a better mindset, which in turn prepares people to live a full life. If you need the missing piece, then I highly recommend Conscious Intelligence: Master Your Circumstances Master Your Life.

REVIEW #4   5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

Conscious Intelligence: Master Your Circumstances, Master Your Life by Eric Erenstoft is a self-help book for anyone who wishes to improve their personal and professional lives. The author believes that our circumstances have nothing to do with the path of our lives; it is our ability to navigate those circumstances that change our lives forever. We are the masters of our destiny and we choose our path with the decisions we make during these circumstances. The author explains conscious intelligence as a way to boost your intelligence and your mind in everyday life situations. From communication to love, the author covers everything and how you can gain the upper hand over any circumstance that might come your way. Conscious intelligence will give clarity of perspective and will equip you with what you need to take control of every circumstance.

Author Eric Erenstoft has done an amazing job of compiling all the “distinctions” in life and how a person can apply conscious intelligence to make the most of situations. The author starts from very basic things like communication and moves on to love, social circumstances, and even happiness. Conscious Intelligence offers a different look at how you can better yourself and become a person you can be proud of. The author isn’t talking about something unattainable, and it is all pretty easy if you put your mind to it. I appreciated how Eric Erenstoft gave due attention to each distinction and made the reader understand everything clearly before moving on. This is definitely a book that will boost your self-confidence and make you feel more comfortable in real-life situations. The fact that it can be beneficial for anyone of any age or profession is commendable.

REVIEW #5   5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

Conscious Intelligence: Master Your Circumstances Master Your Life is a work of non-fiction in the self-help and advice subgenres penned by author Eric Erenstoft. In this expansive, detailed, and very well organized work, the author takes us through a deconstruction of the Conscious Intelligence paradigm, which is an idea that the perspective with which we view the world has a great bearing on the way in which we participate in it. With the overall goal of cultivating both success and illumination in all aspects of our lives, the Conscious Intelligence paradigm is broken down into what the author terms ‘Invisible Distinctions’, and advice is given on how to follow and optimize this plan to achieve your desired life goals.

Author Eric Erenstoft delivers a detailed and involved plan on actively changing one’s life, suitable for readers who are willing to fully accept it in greater detail. The perspective itself seems both empowering and inspiring, for its central principles include an emphasis on productivity, positivity and creating a mindset that engenders success in all aspects of life, be they work or homerelated. I felt that the organization of the work was a particular strong suit because it is arranged in an easy to access format and in such a way that readers can easily refer back to different elements when applying these to their own lives. Overall, I would certainly recommend Conscious Intelligence: Master Your Circumstances Master Your Life to readers seeking to change.

REVIEW #1 5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

REVIEW #2 5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

REVIEW #3 5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

REVIEW #4 5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)

REVIEW #5 5 Stars (Reader’s Favorite)