Conscious Intelligence and The Elevation of Consciousness


When we talk about Conscious Intelligence and The Elevation of Consciousness today ~what does that really mean?

It means gaining mastery over our circumstances.

Isn’t it about time we start communicating about mis-communication? 

Making distinctions and gaining perspective have never been more crucial than they are today, and… Top leadership in business today ALL are cluing into the fact that success is not just about the bottom line anymore. Social responsibility, organizational accountability, work-life balance, purpose, and people, ALL sit poised right alongside financial return. Obvious are the organizations of today ‘exploiting’ these factors as the framework of their marketing campaigns, attempting to pull heart strings and use popular sentiment to spin their message in order to lure in customers. The Top Leadership does it because they have to; they do it to align their organizational culture, values, products, and services with the consumers of today, (YOU) who are demanding it.  The do it because they have to! Our conversations today are replete with expressions like disruption, big data analytics, metrics social responsibility, impact, mindfulness, transformation… These expressions have become ubiquitous in today’s vernacular, in business, marketing, consumption. In this Collective Consciousness, we are trying so desperately to marry the age old wisdom traditions with NextGen technological pragmatism. Navigating today’s 21st century multi-dimensionality, media, politics, communication, polarization can feel like drinking out of a firehose, is causing anxiety, stress, unrest, and hosts of other problems. Eric Erenstoft has deconstructed Conscious Intelligence into its elemental components- a swath of distinctions, and framed them into a new, groundbreaking platform.  His Conscious Intelligence Paradigm consisting of The Invisible Distinctions®  illuminate the principles necessary to thrive in this 21st Century- in Business & Entrepreneurialism, Productivity, Relationships, Communication and Personal Growth.