I N T E R V I E W with ERIC ERENSTOFT –On Lead Your Life Podcast by Natalie Barron


Catalytic Leadership Skills accessing Conscious Intelligence:  Podcast 30mins-  Eric Erenstoft –  CEO, former Disney Exec, First responder, prolific author, and keynote speaker – We dive into how you can learn how to master your circumstances, elevate your conscientious leadership chops, and acknowledge that YOU are the hero of your life!  – Interviewed on Lead Your Life by Natalie Barron. 

We dive into:

  • [4:40] Eric’s background and career (including his time at Disney and as a first responder!)
  • [7:50] What conscious intelligence is (and why you are NOT your circumstances!)
  • [10:20] The ONE thing that many successful luminaries have in common
  • [11:40] Some of the BIGGEST benefits conscious intelligence can have in your life 
  • [15:30] Why he felt so inspired to write his book, “Conscious Intelligence”
  • [24:50] Eric’s breakdown of disruption vs. anarchy 
  • [26:20] The difference between responders vs. reactors (and why it’s so important!)
  • [35:50] How conscious intelligence can help mothers and caregivers (especially during challenging times)
  • [41:00] What Eric learned about himself while writing his book
  • [44:45] A practical insight from Eric to help you apply conscious intelligence in your life