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We do not see the world as it is- We see the world as we are. We are all products of our environment. We are products of our experiences and circumstances whether chosen or not, some that we create and some that others create. These circumstances frame our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, sensations, bias, memories, conditioning, [...]

CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE™ – Find Out Why Eric Erenstoft Is Disrupting The Way We See The World Today!

ERIC ERENSTOFT is publishing his groundbreaking book: Conscious Intelligence™.  It will forever change the way you look at the world, at others, and at your Self.   The book introduces the Conscious Intelligence™  by deconstructing it into its elemental components and frames it into a Paradigm.  The components are what Eric Erenstoft terms Invisible Distinctions®, that when […]

Team USA Olympic Appearance – Coach Eric Erenstoft

Team USA Olympic Swimming- Eric Erenstoft (Coach) appearing on several National / international TV commercial spots (Official USA Olympic Sponsor, Citi- “Supporting Progress” Campaign) coaching alongside several Olympians including double Gold Medalist Para-Olympian Bradley Snyder, Navy Lieutenant hero, who lost his sight in Afghanistan to an IED- only a year later, to compete in London and win […]


Conscious IntelligenceTM provides a means to illuminate perspectives surrounding the nature, causation, and dynamics of our circumstances. From the biggest decisions of our lives to the seemingly inconsequential, Conscious IntelligenceTM informs and drives our conduct, how we observe, listen, process, engage, act, speak—essentially, how we respond in our circumstances. Conscious IntelligenceTM guides us to respond optimally.


WHEN “YES” TO LOVE CAN STILL MEAN “NO” –  A Letter To My Daughter –  Excerpts from: The Genome of Elevated Consciousness & Conscious Intelligence , a book by Eric Erenstoft I was thinking some more about what we talked about last evening and thought it would be a good idea to give you a heads’ […]

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