EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE VS CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE (EI VS CI) What is Conscious Intelligence, and how is the Conscious Intelligence platform emerging as a 21st century advancement to drive performance, deepen human relational connection, and clear obstacles infringing our path towards our True North? There are citations of research that identify the array of skills and characteristics […]

ACCESSING CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE – Find Out Why Eric Erenstoft Is Disrupting The Way We See The World Today!

ERIC ERENSTOFT is publishing his groundbreaking book early 2018: ACCESSING CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE  will forever change the way you look at the world, at others, and at your Self.   The book is secular and constituted by what Eric Erenstoft affectionately terms Invisible Distinctions, that when illuminated, elevate our consciousness.  If we think of these distinctions like […]

The Potent Power Of Words

We Have An Ethical Responsibility To Our Words … With much power comes much responsibility… Negativity is so potent, it has profound consequences.  If misused or abused, it can be devastating.  Doing such a thing, whether intentional or without consideration of the damage it inflicts, is inexcusable, insidious, and unethical (and incidentally, in the major […]

Why Is It So Important To Make Distinctions?

Communication breakdowns can be caused when we unconsciously weave back-and-forth between two different things as if they were one and same.  In essence, it is the collapsing of two completely separate things into one that are often mistaken as the same, commonly resulting in ambiguity, misunderstanding, and disruption.  This ultimately leads to disconnection and dissociation […]