Team USA Olympic Appearance – Coach Eric Erenstoft

Team USA Olympic Appearance – Coach Eric Erenstoft


Team USA Olympic Swimming- Eric Erenstoft (Coach) appearing on several National / international TV commercial spots (Official USA Olympic Sponsor, Citi- “Supporting Progress” Campaign) coaching alongside several Olympians including double Gold Medalist Para-Olympian Bradley Snyder, Navy Lieutenant hero, who lost his sight in Afghanistan to an IED- only a year later, to compete in London and win 2 Gold Medals- Now, competing in The 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janero expected to add to his Gold Medal count. Eric Erenstoft, a veteran coach, and active competitive USA Masters Swimmer accepted the invitation honoring him to be a part of the Team USA TV and Online spots appearing as Lieutenant Bradley Snyder’s coach in training.

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Eric Erenstoft  , is an expert on conscious intelligence® and a prolific author, futurist, entrepreneur, businessman, GenX’er who has emerged out of this brave new 21st century to disrupt the transactional way of thinking most people default to today when perspective is not properly illuminated.

Eric Erenstoft is publishing his research on conscious intelligence® and sharing his findings on accessing our conscious intelligence in his new book:

ElevateID, The Genome Of Elevated Consciousness & Conscious Intelligence®

Consider Conscious Intelligence® as the advancing of the universal platform illuminating what it is to be intelligent, that has evolved from IQ and EQ, (emotional intelligence).

We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as WE are. Conscious Intelligence® is the light that illuminates the path, not a path itself. 

Conscious intelligence® acknowledges that our paths are as unique as our own DNA, and the choices we make- including the choices we may not realize we have, are informed by our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, experiences, memories, and circumstances.  This lays in stark contrast to our path being informed by a prescriptive process dictated by transactional thinking made popular in our previous 20th century:  Do this…and get that…. De facto, transactional thinking shuts out our access to conscious intelligence.  Conscious intelligence® illuminates rather than prescribes.  Our path is for us to discover, explore, choose, and navigate; The Genome of Elevated Consciousness is merely a brilliant torch that illuminates the Way.