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We do not see the world as it is- We see the world as we are. We are all products of our environment. We are products of our experiences and circumstances whether chosen or not, some that we create and some that others create. These circumstances frame our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, sensations, bias, memories, conditioning, and our behaviors.  The way we think, consume, believe, act, react, function, engage, collaborate— The way we do these things frames the unique lens we view the world through. Our lens dictates who we are being and the life we live into.


Conscious IntelligenceTM is the ability to gain mastery over our circumstances.

This distilled definition is very simply stated.  When we unpack it, it has a multitude of layers and profound depth.  When we observe the multitude of circumstances we encounter, we begin to truly understand the vast scope of what it means.

Let’s talk about our circumstances — starting with The Human Circumstance:  Our circumstances are not only the situation around us, they are the situation in us.  They are also the situations that got us here, and they are key to getting us where we want to go.

Here’s the thing: A major distinction that emanates from Conscious IntelligenceTM is that:

-We are not our circumstances.

-We are not defined by our circumstances.

-Our circumstances are not us.

When we conflate our circumstances with who we are, it becomes problematic.  It hampers our seeing that we have access to choice.  When we gain perspective realizing we have both choice in the matter, and choice in how we conduct ourselves, we elevate our game, become more productive, and fulfill our potential.  This is the distinction between reacting and responding.  But Conscious IntelligenceTM goes further-  many of us identify ourselves through our circumstances as if we are defined by our circumstances.  This is quite often problematic.  When this happens, we cease to see the circumstances with perspective, and we cease to see ourselves for who we truly are.  We restrict ourselves from being guided by our true Self and instead essentially imprison ourselves.  We carry on in our life as if that is all there is.  We become disempowered.

Conscious IntelligenceTM  is not a path, it is a light that illuminates the path.  When we gain an understanding of and become proficient in the framework that constitutes Conscious IntelligenceTM , we elevate.

Author, Eric Erenstoft, through his education, research, experience, and practice has distilled what it is to become proficient in what it means to access Conscious IntelligenceTM .

Eric Erenstoft is publishing the next evolution of his research and life work, sharing his findings and personal experiences in his new book Conscious IntelligenceTM.

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