The Gateway Drug Is Green, But Not What You May Think…

The Gateway Drug Is Green, But Not What You May Think…

JUSTICE IS NOT BLIND- Not when the pharmaceutical lobby, Washington, and cannabis is involved.

What is the number one cause of drug addiction and drug overdoses in the United States?  Anybody?  The answer is:  G R E E D.

Adults and children alike are reaching into medicine cabinets, too often not even their own, for powerful, prescription drugs– and when the well runs dry, they are turning more and more to the street for drugs like heroin.  This is a documented epidemic that has reached astronomical proportions.

Even amidst the recent uptick of health advocacy organizations stepping up their missions to decrease the massively over-prescribed drugs doctors are unleashing to patients every day, David’s slingshot is proving futile to his Goliath opponent, the green-bellied pharmaceutical lobby.

Patients spend billions of dollars each year purchasing legal prescription drugs to treat chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, cancer side-effects, seizures, and sleeping disorders.  Many of these drugs are habit forming, highly addictive, and cause more malady than they cure.

Consumer spending on chronic disease ranks number one in healthcare dollars in the United States, accounting for over 90 percent of all medical prescriptions.

Bad for humanity… no actually, HORRIFIC!  -but galactically profitable for the pharmaceutical companies earning billions of dollars each year.  They are turning out their patented drugs to “treat” conditions—especially chronic conditions, that will always require therapy. The paradigm guarantees them consistent customer base and exclusive “first to market” rights for many years.

WHAT IF… an alternative, natural, un-patentable and easy-to-grow remedy were to hit the markets, handily disrupting the prescription pharmaceutical industry in an organic way that stands to substantially cut consumer drug spending?

HOW much money do the pharmaceutical companies know they stand to lose if their drugs are replaced with a safe and effective, natural remedy that would treat the ailments their drugs claim to treat?

ANSWERBILLIONS of dollars.  Pharma would lose billions.

The green addiction killing 8 people per hour, every hour, every day, is not the green reefer, it’s the green back… MONEY.

The Goliath pharmaceutical companies are investing a quarter billion dollars per year lobbying Washington, hiding behind, pulling the strings, and extending politician’s careers in exchange for keeping the benefits of cannabis illegal and cloaked behind pseudo-religious morality, mythologizing it as a gateway drug, hampering progress on research, and keeping cannabis classified as a Schedule 1 drug; a classification that places it equal to heroin, PCP and crack cocaine.

WHO do you think owns the patent on cannabis?

ANSWERWashington.  That’s right, the US Government does.

The beneficiaries of cannabis demonization are the pharmaceutical industry, and they are defending their multi-billion dollar economic lives with the lives of 60,000 humans per year who lose theirs to prescription drug addiction.

The gateway drug is green; THE GREEN DOLLAR, and the pharmaceutical companies hold the key to the gate… for now.



Eric Erenstoft  , is a prolific author, futurist, entrepreneur, businessman, GenX’er who has emerged out of this brave new 21st century to disrupt the transactional way of thinking most people default to today when perspective is not properly illuminated.

Eric Erenstoft is publishing his research on conscious intelligence® and sharing his findings on accessing our conscious intelligence in his new book:

ElevateID, The Genome Of Elevated Consciousness & Conscious Intelligence®

If you understand the reference:  IQ, and EQ, the establishment of a paradigm called The Genome of Elevated Consciousness expands the universal platform to include accessing our Conscious Intelligence®We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as WE are. Conscious Intelligence® is the light that illuminates the path, not a path itself. 

Conscious intelligence® acknowledges that our paths are as unique as our own DNA, and the choices we make- including the choices we may not realize we have, are informed by our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, experiences, memories, and circumstances.  This lays in stark contrast to our path being informed by a prescriptive process dictated by transactional thinking made popular in our previous 20th century:  Do this…and get that…. De facto, transactional thinking shuts out our access to conscious intelligence.

Conscious intelligence® illuminates rather than prescribes.  Our path is for us to discover, explore, choose, and navigate; The Genome of Elevated Consciousness is merely a brilliant torch that illuminates the Way.