LISTEN : ERIC ERENSTOFT PODCAST INTERVIEW Certified Chief Happiness Officer – Tia Graham interviews Eric Erenstoft, CEO of E3 Capital Partners and Author of Conscious Intelligence Tia Graham is an Inspirationist and the Founder of Arrive At Happy, a Los Angeles-based company with a mission of inspiring transformation through the science of happiness.


Don’t want any part in this?  NEWSFLASH!  You already have one. Doing Nothing IS Doing Something-  Eric Erenstoft discusses excerpts from his book: Conscious Intelligence: Ch 12 CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ARTICLE


We do not see the world as it is- We see the world as we are. We are all products of our environment. We are products of our experiences and circumstances whether chosen or not, some that we create and some that others create. These circumstances frame our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, sensations, bias, memories, conditioning, [...]

The Gateway Drug Is Green, But Not What You May Think…

JUSTICE IS NOT BLIND- Not when the pharmaceutical lobby, Washington, and cannabis is involved. What is the number one cause of drug addiction and drug overdoses in the United States?  Anybody?  The answer is:  G R E E D. Adults and children alike are reaching into medicine cabinets, too often not even their own, for […]

The Power In Recognizing And Making A Distinction

By changing as little as a word, we can change the entire relationship we have to the matter at hand, to the predicament, to the circumstance.  When we frame a more favorable perspective of the circumstances, we change our experience of the matter, and we better control our relationship to it.  Too often, we use […]

I N T E R V I E W with ERIC ERENSTOFT –On Lead Your Life Podcast by Natalie Barron

Catalytic Leadership Skills accessing Conscious Intelligence: Podcast 30mins- Eric Erenstoft – CEO, former Disney Exec, First responder, prolific author, and keynote speaker – We dive into how you can learn how to master your circumstances, elevate your conscientious leadership chops, and acknowledge that YOU are the hero of your life! – Interviewed on Lead Your Life by Natalie Barron.

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